Kvarteret Dansbanan


Two kilometers from the center of Norrköping is Sandtorp, with homes, schools, shops, workplaces and green areas. There is a tram or bus for those who do not want to walk or cycle into town. The dance floor is located along Karin Swanström’s street in Sandtorp and consists of 117 apartments in five different houses located as in a park. The architecture is designed with both environmental and social sustainability in mind. Durable facade materials that age with dignity, such as stone and wood, line the various house bodies, which are finished with characteristically designed metal roofs. The apartments are surface-efficient for the best functionality and great care has been taken with interior details. Kitchen and storage is given our own design in blue-gray color, floor with oak parquet. All rooms have spotlights and ceiling light and large windows with stone-clad window niches.



Dansbanan has a very high environmental profile. You can be sure that your energy use has green and renewable sources here. To heat your apartment, the block uses rock heat, which in turn is powered by solar cells on the roof. The ventilation in the apartments handles waste heat from the home – by recovering the heat energy from the indoor air, less energy is required for heating. Dansbanan offers reasonable rents. The house has been fully let since 2019.